Dynamic Languages Symposium 2022  OOPSLA/SPLASH 2022

Co-located with SPLASH 2022

In association with ACM SIGPLAN

Auckland, New Zealand, Dec 6, 2022




Invited Talk: A decade of Self-Optimizing Interpreters in GraalVM
Christian Wimmer
Invited Talk: Live Programming over TCP? Bringing Squeak/Smalltalk Liveness to Godot via React/S
Tom Beckmann, Leonard Geier, Robert Hirschfeld
Execution vs. Parse-Based Language Servers: Tradeoffs and Opportunities for Language-Agnostic Tooling for Dynamic Languages
Stefan Marr, Humphrey Burchell, Fabio Niephaus
Who You Gonna Call: Analyzing the Run-time Call-Site Behavior of Ruby Applications
Sophie Kaleba, Octave Larose, Richard Jones, Stefan Marr
Dynamic Pattern Matching with Python
Tobias Kohn, Guido van Rossum, Gary Brandt Bucher, Ivan Levkivskyi

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