Dynamic Languages Symposium 2014  OOPSLA/SPLASH 2014

Co-located with SPLASH 2014

In association with ACM SIGPLAN

Portland, Oregon, USA, October 21, 2014


The 10th Dynamic Languages Symposium (DLS) at SPLASH 2014 is the premier forum for researchers and practitioners to share knowledge and research on dynamic languages, their implementation, and applications. The influence of dynamic languages – from Lisp to Smalltalk to Python to Javascript – on real-world practice and research continues to grow.

This year DLS received 28 high quality submissions, of which 13 have been accepted for presentation. The Program Committee were active in their discussions, not only selecting good papers but helping those papers improve via the two-round process employed this year. We believe many papers benefited from this process. However, that this year’s DLS has accepted more papers than any previous year is more directly a consequence of the high quality submissions we received. Research in this area is at its most active for many years, and the volume and quality of outputs reflects that.

We are lucky this year to have an intriguing invited talk from Stefan Hanenberg, which will be followed by technical sessions. There is surely something in the list of accepted papers for everyone with an interest in dynamic languages! I would like to thank the Program Committee for their hard work; to Edd Barrett for tirelessly publicising the event; and to the DLS Steering Committee who offered sage advice when it was most needed. DLS has always been the result of many people’s efforts and this year is no different than last. I hope you enjoy it!

Laurence Tratt
DLS 2014 Program Chair
King’s College London
United Kingdom

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