Dynamic Languages Symposium 2009  OOPSLA 2009

Co-located with OOPSLA 2009

In cooperation with ACM SIGPLAN

Disney's Contemporary Resort Orlando, Florida, USA, October 26, 2009


It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the 2009 Dynamic Languages Symposium. This year’s symposium — the 5th in the series — continues the tradition of being the premier forum for presentation of research results across all kinds of dynamic languages, from the venerable (Lisp, FORTH, Smalltalk, Scheme, Self, Prolog, and Visual Basic) to the postmodern (Perl, Ruby, PHP, Python) to the downright Orwellian (Newspeak) — not forgetting some languages that are actually used in everyday practice (JavaScript).

This year the symposium received 27 papers. The program committee accepted 10 papers — a record for the symposium — that cover a variety of topics, from virtual machines on multicore hardware to scoping, contracts, and type reconstruction. In addition, the program includes an invited talk by Jan Vitek on the new Thorn programming language, and his motivation for deserting statically typed languages to languages that are more fun to program in! We hope that you will find this year’s programme truly dynamic: active, potent, energetic, effective, forceful — and, yes, opposed to static languages and systems. But most of all, we hope that the symposium will, once again, provide you with a valuable opportunity to share ideas with other dynamic language researchers and practitioners from institutions around the world.

James Noble
DLS 2009 Programme Chair
Victoria University of Wellington
New Zealand

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