Dynamic Languages Symposium 2019  OOPSLA/SPLASH 2019

Co-located with SPLASH 2019

In association with ACM SIGPLAN

Athens, Greece, October 20, 2019




Untangling the web: Memory management in Chrome’s web platform implementation
Michael Lippautz
First-class Dynamic Types
Michael Homer, Timothy Jones, James Noble
Research Paper
Language-independent Development Environment Support For Dynamic Runtimes
Daniel Stolpe, Tim Felgentreff, Christian Humer, Fabio Niephaus, Robert Hirschfeld
Experience Paper
Lazy Pointer Update for Low Heap Compaction Pause Times
Clément Béra, Eliot Miranda, Elisa Gonzalez Boix
Research Paper
Optimizing and Evaluating Transient Gradual Typing
Michael M. Vitousek, Jeremy G. Siek, Avik Chaudhuri
Research Paper
Python Programmers have GPUs too: Automatic Python Loop Parallelization with Staged Dependence Analysis
Dejice Jacob, Phil Trinder, Jeremy Singer
Research Paper
R Melts Brains -- An IR for First-Class Environments and Lazy Effectful Arguments
Olivier Flückiger, Guido Chari, Jan Jecmen, Ming-Ho Yee, Jakob Hain, Jan Vitek
Research Paper
Reflections on the Compatibility, Performance, and Scalability of Parallel Python
Remigius Meier, Thomas Gross
Experience Paper
Sindarin: a Versatile Scripting API for the Pharo Debugger
Thomas Dupriez, Guillermo Polito, Steven Costiou, Vincent Aranega, Stéphane Ducasse
Research Paper
Standard Object Out: Streaming Objects with Polymorphic Write Streams
Marcel Weiher, Robert Hirschfeld
Experience Paper

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