Dynamic Languages Symposium 2010  OOPSLA/SPLASH 2010

Co-located with SPLASH 2010

In association with ACM SIGPLAN

Reno, Nevada, USA, October 18, 2010


Howdy! Welcome to Nevada and the 2010 Dynamic Languages Symposium. Today’s symposium, the sixth of its kind, continues our special tradition of communicating research results and practical lore pertinent to dynamic programming languages. This year's program reveals several connections between the classical languages of our heritage (such as Lisp, FORTH, Smalltalk, Self, Icon, Prolog), contemporary dynamic languages (including Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Racket), and a couple of languages that may be as new to you as they were to most of the program committee.

The symposium received 28 submissions this year, from which the program committee selected 8 papers. Those papers will be presented in technical sessions that focus on implementation, design, and experience with ideas and languages both old and new. Allen Wirfs-Brock will kick off our program with his keynote address on virtual machines and the mainstreaming of dynamic languages.

Beyond that formal program, we hope you'll enjoy your visit to this edge of the high desert, and will take advantage of this opportunity to swap ideas with other researchers and practitioners from around the world.

William D Clinger
DLS 2010 Program Chair
Northeastern University

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